Opposites Attract: Developing Bipartisan Friendships

Adulting 201

My best friend Zoe is a Libertarian. She wears ‘Gun Totin’ Merica Lovin’ Republican’ and ‘Reagan Bush ’84’ shirts with pride.

I am a liberal Democrat (trending on Green Party) who is far more comfortable wearing a tie-dye t-shirt and flip flops. For people who follow me on social media, you know I am the first to crack a joke on twitter about the political sphere, or seek to engage my community through (fact-checked) activation on social media.

Zoe believes in lower taxes and a small federal government, instead choosing to leave most of these decisions to the state or individual in order to be most effective. I believe in a large federal government which seeks to provide for all of its citizens, especially the most marginalized.

Zoe is the wife of active duty Airman. I graduated with a degree in Peace Studies.

In short, Zoe and I tend to…

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A Guide to Air Force BMT Graduation: Thursday

  Air Force BMT Graduation is a four day event held at Lackland AFB in San Antonio, TX running Thursday-Sunday after 7.5 weeks of training. It's best to arrive on Wednesday, as the events start early on Thursday morning. There are many rules your trainee must follow during graduation weekend, including not wearing civilian clothing … Continue reading A Guide to Air Force BMT Graduation: Thursday